Top 10 Chiropractic Clinics in Toronto, ON
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Awesome chiropractor that is very smart and knowledgeable. I came to him limping from an ankle injury that many tried to fix without success. I was scheduled for surgery. Few weeks later, I was completely healed as per MRI. He since has been successfully helping me with multiple sports injuries I endured over the years and I am seeing progress with each. Throughout my meetings with him, I've never felt rushed but rather always the center of all his super focus and attention. I keep wondering why it took me so long to find him. Sending him my wife next. Thanks Dr. Yu. You really rock.

- Dr. Fayez Avameddine

June 2015


Dr. Alexander Yu has been my Chiropractor since I experienced an accident resulting in painful injuries.  Dr. Yu has a gift. He finds the energetic line between pain and no pain, and consistently stretches me toward my no pain zone gently and quickly to a place of incredible relief.  He has given individually tailored exercises that have complimented my speedy healing process.  His medical knowledge, anatomical acumen, precision, gentleness, compassion and emotional intelligence are outstanding. After every session I leave feeling increased liberation toward whole health and peace in my body.  I am looking forward to dancing again with pleasure.  I would recommend him to you in a split second because this man is a treasure and has a great deal to offer.

- Lorrie Simunovic

Health Equity Faculty

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

August 2014



After my car accident, I was left with constant, persistent, severe neck pain and debilitating headaches. I was unable to look up and down or behind me freely. I couldn’t keep my neck up to read or turn my head side to side as necessary for doing any type of work at a desk. There was no pain medication strong enough to mask my pain and if I tried to forcibly push myself my headaches would become excruciatingly unbearable. Then I found Alex. Like a real-life miracle worker over the course of six weeks he was able to restore range, function and mobility to my neck. My pain went from a 9/10 to 2/10 after just three months! This is especially spectacular because I’d spent the first 8 months after my accident in a neck brace and saw two other chiropractors before him. Believe me when I say his hands are like magic! Except it isn’t magic, it’s evident that has a lot more applied knowledge about the human body and how it functions than all the other chiropractors, physiotherapists and even a few of the medical doctors I’d seen combined! On top of all this, Alex is caring and a true professional through and through. I am so glad I was blessed enough to find him and I’m certain you’ll feel the same.


- Mineta T

May 2013