Back pain can really be a mood killer. A sore back affects your capacity to move freely, which can affect your ability to work, exercise, hang out with friends, and yes, sex.


Don’t just jump straight into bed with a bad back: the sex won’t be as enjoyable, and it will most likely put a damper on the variety of positions you can use during sex.


The one thing that can really help is planning ahead! Speak to your Chiropractor about back pain management. However if you can’t wait to see your Chiro, take a hot shower or bath for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will help warm up the muscles for any activity.


When you're with your partner and things start to heat up, stick to comfortable positions that won't put additional strain on your back. Most back pain is aggravated with back extension, so work with positions that result in a slight forward bend, such as reverse cowgirl or on-the-knees missionary.


Most importantly, just relax and have a good time!

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